Services Eric Offers

Eric Garza facilitates a workshop
Photo credit: Ian Thomas Jansen-Lonnquist

I love learning, and for years have been on a quest to better understand the deep roots of today’s social and environmental quandaries. The services I offer—coaching and mentoring, facilitation, public speaking, and consulting—reflect this. I offer my services on sliding scales to make them as accessible as possible. I am based in Burlington, Vermont, but work regionally, nationally, and even internationally. Reach out via my contact page if you would like to work with me.

Coaching & Mentoring

Some of my richest and most transformative learning experiences emerged from one-on-one relationships. To that end I offer personalized coaching and mentoring programs for individuals in several areas. If we are a good fit, I can help you develop place-based subsistence skills, including sustainably gathering wild foods; consciously simplify your life to reduce stress, cut expenses, or enhance your resilience and adaptability in a changing world; negotiate the shifting landscape of identity politics and social justice, or perhaps other things too.


I am an educator at heart, and not only love facilitating group learning environments but, according to folks who have participated in them, am quite good at it. I have developed and taught undergraduate and graduate courses at a few colleges and universities, both in traditional classroom settings and online. I teach outside these educational institutions as well. Most of my offerings cover topics in the realms of food, health, energy, and environmental systems.

Public Speaking

I have given talks at a variety of conferences, symposia, and other events. You can find links to a few of my them on my links page, although many others were not recorded or not made available to the public. I talk about a wide range of topics with various guests on my Healing Culture Podcast, which you can listen to on most podcatchers, on YouTube, and elsewhere on this website. Feel free to check these out if you want to see (or hear) me in action.


I have consulted on a range of projects and have partnered with businesses, non-profits, and government agencies large and small. I have a broad skill set, and can work on my own or as a part of a team. Past clients include the Institute for Integrated Economics Research, the Vermont Sustainable Jobs FundBetter (Not Bigger) VermontUniversity of Vermont Extension and its Center for Sustainable Agriculture, the United States Geological Survey, and the US National Park Service. These days I am most interested in projects that relate to systems analysis, adaptation to global change, and environmental and social justice. I am organized and dependable, and deliver quality work in a timely fashion.