Sunset ReadingOn this page you will find links to media that Eric has either produced himself, or that he, or his work, was featured in. This should keep you busy for a while.

Read Section 4.6 of the Vermont Farm to Plate Strategic Plan, which focuses on Food System Energy Issues. Eric co-authored this section with several other people.

Read A Non-Hunter Explores the Experience of Hunting on the Eastern Slopes website, which mentions a course on hunting that Eric co-taught with Murphy Robinson of Mountainsong Expeditions.

Read The Role of Energy in Food Production, a short article Eric wrote for the January 2015 issue of Agriview.

Watch the Biophysical Constraints Panel Eric was on at the University of Vermont Food Systems Summit in July 2014.

Watch Eric’s presentation The Energy Basis Of Food Security, recorded at the UVM Food Systems Summit in July 2014.

Read the article The True Cost of Food, published in June 2014 by Ed Behr, which discusses Eric’s work on the energy intensity of food production.

Listen to Jane Lindholm, of Vermont Public Radio, interview Eric about his work on the energetics of food systems in Running the Numbers on Local Vs. Long Distance Food, which aired in June 2014.

Watch Eric’s presentation The Energy Intensity Of Food, recorded at the UVM Campus Food and Energy Seminar Series in early March 2014.

Read the article Researching Best Practices for Grazing Farms on the Country Folks website, which featured Eric’s work on the energy intensity of pastured meat operations.

Read the report The Energy Return on Energy Invested Of Biodiesel In Vermont, which Eric completed for the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund.

Read: the article Eric co-authored titled Overcoming Systemic Roadblocks To Sustainability, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2009.