Finding a Position of Safety

For most of my adult life I have trained in martial arts. The body awareness and conditioning they provide supports my physical and emotional health on so many levels. My martial training also offers useful insights on a strategic question I ponder frequently: what must we do to navigate the changing world in which we live?

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Embracing Apocalypse, Embracing Change

In my first blog post a couple weeks back I explored how the meaning of apocalypse has changed over its long journey into modern English. It was originally a synonym for the word revelation, and referred to instances when surprising truths were revealed in dramatic ways. Today we use the word to refer to events marked by cataclysm or catastrophe.

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Daniel Quinn’s Ishmael Stands the Test of Time

Someone first suggested I read Daniel Quinn’s 1992 novel Ishmael in 2003. When they mentioned the book’s title, I refused thinking it was about religion. They assured me it was not. I then refused because, at the time, I thought myself above reading fiction. They let the issue drop.

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The Apocalypse of Donald

In my humble opinion, Donald Trump was the best president the United States has had since the Civil War. He was not particularly smart, noble, honest, or even endearing, but made up for these shortcomings by holding a superbly polished mirror up to the American people and refusing to let us look away from it.

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