About Eric Garza

Eric grew up in the Midwest United States, and now lives in Vermont’s Champlain Valley. A childhood spent fishing and wandering the field and forest remnants near his suburban home inspired him to study ecology, environmental science, and systems thinking throughout his college years, and coaxed him to ask deeper questions about how the human enterprise engages with the landscapes it inhabits. His formal education, along with his well-developed senses of curiosity and wonder, informs his trans-disciplinary understanding of how the world works and how things came to be the way they are. These understandings are still very much evolving.

Eric makes his living as an educator, consultant, and as a producer of creative media. He teaches and consults at the nexus of agricultural, food, energy, and environmental systems. He has taught in a traditional classroom setting in colleges and universities across the United States, as well as online. Systems thinking plays a significant role in the classes he teaches, and informs his approach to consulting and research. He produces the Healing Culture Podcast, and videos for his YouTube channel.

When Eric am not teaching, working with clients, or editing podcast episodes or YouTube videos, you can often find him wandering Vermont’s forests and fields in search of edible wild plants or mushrooms, or scouting for the upcoming hunting season. He practices and sometimes teaches a range of ancestral skills, including animal tracking, hide tanning, and making wooden bows and arrows, among others. He also has a long-standing interest in martial arts and meditation, and experiments with diet, nutrition, and other wellness practices.

Feel free to contact him using the form on this website. You can also find him on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and on Instagram.

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