Portrait of Eric Garza
Photo credit: Andrew Sepic

My name is Eric Garza, and I live in the Green Mountain State of Vermont, USA. I am a systems thinker with an interdisciplinary education spanning soft and hard sciences as well as policy. I apply my skills as a systems analyst to life in general, but particularly to the realms of teaching and consulting. I teach undergraduate and graduate courses on food and environmental systems at the college level, and am well known for using innovative pedagogies and delivering engaging and often transformative learning experiences. As a consultant I partner with non-profit, public and private enterprises, and have worked locally, nationally and even internationally.

When I’m not staring at computer screens in support of my educational and consulting work, I enjoy spending as much time as possible outdoors. I donate my share of blood to local mosquito populations while fishing, hunting, and foraging for wild edible and medicinal foods in Vermont’s forests and fields, and am always searching for that perfect sapling I can turn into a fast, durable hunting bow. I also have a longstanding interest in functional fitness, eastern philosophy, cultural anthropology, and big history.