Episode 22: Thelma Gomez and Will Lambek on Justice for Migrant Workers

Thelma Gomez came to Vermont when she was 16 to work on a dairy farm in Vermont, and is now on the coordinating committee of the non-profit Migrant Justice. Will Lambek, who grew up in Vermont, is also an organizer with Migrant Justice. Migrant Justice is an organization that advocates for migrant workers, primarily in Vermont’s dairy industry.

Episode Outline

  • Eric’s family’s history in Mexico and as migrant workers
  • Demonization of migrant workers in the 2016 US elections
  • Unfair stereotypes of migrant workers and their inaccurate characterization as stealing American jobs
  • The H2-A visa program and its limitations
  • Life as a migrant worker in Vermont’s dairy industry
  • Forces that push laborers out of Mexico (and other countries), and pull them to the United States
  • The development and consolidation of transnational food corporations
  • Unilever’s rise to prominence in the US ice cream industry and the purchase of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
  • Migrant Justice’s Milk With Dignity Campaign

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