Episode 23: Tovar Cerulli on Becoming a Mindful Carnivore

Tovar Cerulli is an author and educator, perhaps best known for his book The Mindful Carnivore. He and Eric talk about the impossibility of eating without causing harm to animals, and the processes they went through as they transitioned from being vegans to becoming omnivores who hunted for at least some of their meat.

Episode Outline

  • Tovar’s journey from indiscriminant omnivore to vegetarian to vegan, and then to hunting
  • Lethal control of wildlife in the context of agricultural crop production
  • Creating ethical thresholds for purchasing animal products commercially
  • The importance of confronting mortality in the context of procuring food
  • Butchering an animal as a ceremony to help the hunter emotionally process the act of killing
  • Why we differentiate between plants and animals, and between different types of animals, when making ethical distinctions
  • Why hunting license sales are in decline in most regions of the United States
  • How the future of hunting will change as different people are attracted to it
  • Separating hunting as a means of food procurement from hunting culture in modern America

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