I am committed to releasing high-quality episodes of my podcast A Worldview Apart, as well as other media, without relying on advertising revenue to cover my production costs. One of the ways you can support these ventures is by creating an account on the crowd-funding website Patreon and becoming one of my patrons. Through Patreon you can pledge to donate $1 or more for each episode of A Worldview Apart I release, and you can cap your monthly contribution at any level that feels good to you, even just $1. The power of crowd-funding is that when enough people contribute small sums, it adds up. I use these funds to pay off the recording equipment I purchased to record and edit the podcast, to pay for my media host, and to cover advertising costs, among other things. Once I reach 5oo patrons I will offer podcast guests an honorarium as well. You can help me get there!

Becoming a patron of A Worldview Apart offers rewards beyond knowing you support a valuable source of independent media. My patrons have exclusive access to rewards, which currently take the form of monthly personal development practices I use to explore, for example, my social position, transformational experiences, and personal trauma. These rewards will evolve over time, and new patrons not only gain access to current rewards, but all prior ones as well.

You can also offer one-time contributions using PayPal. Contributions made through this avenue will not gain you access to the premium content offered to patrons who support me on Patreon.

Regardless of how you choose to contribute or how much, I am grateful for all of the support I receive. Thank you!