An Introduction To Food Paradigms

Worldviews encompass the whole of how we make sense of the world. Worldviews are made up of many paradigms, one of which focuses on our relationship to food. This week I explore food paradigms, the set of models and values that inform our understanding of what we should eat, how we should eat it, and how that food is produced, among other things. I look at how my own food paradigm has changed over the years, and talk about the values and models that make it up. I also tell a few quirky stories to get various points across.

Episode Outline

  • Story: The boy and the dirty carrot
  • Food paradigms and the problems of agriculture
  • Story: A garter snake in my sandbox!
  • Story: My first bluegill
  • Food as our last connection to non-manufactured landscapes
  • Vegetarianism, veganism, and the evolution of my food paradigm
  • On blind spots and voluntary obliviousness
  • All food has impacts, eating to live requires making trade offs