Episode 32: Kimberly McNeil on Martial Arts, Movement, and Motivation

Kimberly McNeil is a martial artist and athlete who helps clients improve their strength, flexibility and movement control through her business Moving Arts Academy. She and I talk about the turn of events that led her on her path, how she works with fascia to set people’s movement patterns free, and advice she has to keep motivated, among other things.

Episode Outline

  • The turn of events that drew Kimberly into martial arts and fitness
  • Helping people develop strength, flexibility, and control of their movement
  • Working with a sedentary person’s body to release fascia to realign the body
  • How to stick with a discipline when you want to give up
  • The power of gravitating towards people who intimidate you
  • Creating training situations that force your ego to disappear
  • The negative impacts of bodybuilding and other extreme sports
  • How the internal elements of many martial arts have been lost
  • Who inspires Kimberly in martial arts and other realms

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