For many, the word apocalypse brings to mind social or environmental collapse on a grand scale, perhaps even the end of the world. The word comes to us from the ancient Greeks, formed by the roots apo, which meant ‘un-‘, and kaluptein, which meant ‘to cover’. In ancient times the word did not invoke the notion of collapse or breakdown as it does for us today, but rather it meant to uncover, to disclose, or to reveal.

The times we live in reveal many truths for those observant enough to see them. Some of these truths portend significant changes in our lives and our social arrangements. If we embrace these truths rather than deny them, they might also help us adapt to the changing world we have created and to whatever new world awaits once the proverbial dust settles. Embracing Apocalypse invites listeners to engage with and to embrace the many truths being revealed by our tumultuous times, and will explore those truths through both monologues and conversations with guests. The inaugural episode will be released on September 23, 2020 (the autumnal equinox). Stay tuned for this exciting new podcast!

Embracing Apocalypse is not my first foray into the realm of podcasting. From October 2018 through August of 2019 I released episodes of my Healing Culture Podcast, and for roughly a year before that released episodes of my first podcasting adventure, A Worldview Apart. You can listen to episodes of Healing Culture by following the link above and on most podcatchers, and episodes of Worldview can be found on my Patreon page.