We know a tremendous amount about how the world works, but not nearly enough. Our knowledge is amazing; our ignorance even more so.

-Donella Meadows-

Since 2003 I have consulted on a range of projects spanning energy, food, and environmental systems. I have partnered with businesses and non-profits that ranged from very small to large, and have worked locally, nationally and even internationally. I have also worked with government agencies at the local, state, and federal level within the United States, and am open to working internationally in this realm. Past clients include the Institute for Integrated Economics Research, the Vermont Sustainable Jobs FundBetter (Not Bigger) VermontUniversity of Vermont Extension and its Center for Sustainable Agriculture, the United States Geological Survey, and the US National Park Service.

I have a broad skill set, and can assist clients in many ways. I have, for example, developed curriculum for authors to accompany their books, undertaken energy life cycle assessments and carbon accounting for businesses and non-profits exploring whether to pursue new practices or develop new products, helped government agencies as they investigate various renewable energy systems, and assisted researchers with data analysis, quality control, and report writing. I can manage projects on my own, or work as a part of a team.

These days I am most interested in projects that relate to systems analysis, adaptation to global change, and environmental and social justice. My rates are competitive, I am organized and dependable, and deliver quality work in a timely fashion. Contact me if you are interested in partnering on a project.