I engage in a range of creative endeavors. Some of these are freely available, including videos, my podcast, and writing. I charge for others, such as the courses I teach. I also make myself available to facilitate workshops, offer public talks, coach or mentor individuals or small groups, and sometimes consult on projects. Follow the links to learn more, and reach out to me at info@ericgarza.info if you have questions, want to schedule an event, or want to work with me on a project.

Because a fair amount of my work is available freely, I gratefully accept financial support via PayPal and Patreon. Patreon is a web-based subscription service where people can sign up to make a monthly donation to content creators whose work they value. My Patreon patrons get a range of perks, including outlines and transcripts of podcast episodes and most videos, lists of links and resources that complement audio and video content, audio versions of essays, and PDFs for easier reading or printing, among other things.

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