Eric Garza’s Offerings

I love learning, and for years have been on a quest to better understand the deep roots of today’s social and environmental quandaries. My offerings in the world reflect this. I charge for some of them, while others are freely available. You can learn more by following the links below, or via the navigation menu above.

My fee-for-service offerings include facilitating classes and workshops, coaching and mentoring individuals, consulting, and public speaking. I offer some of these services on sliding scales to make them as accessible as possible. I am based in Vermont’s Champlain Valley, but work regionally, nationally, and even internationally.

Beyond my fee-for-service offerings, my more creative work is freely available. I post essays here on occasion, and you can find a few written pieces I contributed to other outlets, or that I co-authored with other folks, on my Links page. I host the Healing Culture Podcast, and generally release new episodes on full, new, and quarter moons. I also have a YouTube Channel, and release videos for my Deep Connection and Systems & Society video series regularly. I use Patreon as my primary platform to cover the costs associated with producing these offerings. I would love to have you as a patron, visit my Patreon page or my Support page for more info.