Since I invest a significant amount time producing media that is freely available, I gratefully accept financial contributions from anyone who feels inspired to offer them. Three ways I can easily receive monetary gifts are: Patreon, PayPal, and check or money order.

Patreon is a web-based subscription platform that allows folks who value my work to offer monthly contributions of $1 or more. Beyond my gratitude, patrons enjoy a variety of rewards for their generosity depending on which benefit tier they sign up for. These rewards include a direct line of communication with me, discounts on my online courses, premium content associated with media I produce, and opportunities to participate in Q&A videoconferences with me, among other things. You can read through all of the rewards on my Patreon page.

For those who do not want to sign up for a Patreon account for whatever reason, you can also contribute through PayPal. If you want to avoid online transactions entirely, mail a check or money order made out to Eric Garza to the following address: Eric Garza, PO Box 154, Burlington VT 05401.

Regardless how you choose to contribute and how much, I am grateful for all of the support I receive. Thank you!