Eric Garza

Eric Garza
Photo credit: Andrew Sepic

Welcome to my website! I grew up in the midwest United States where I spent much of my childhood wandering the forests, fields, and other remnant green spaces near my suburban Indiana home. These lands carried powerful medicine for me, and I silently grieved as they were developed, turned one at a time into housing tracts, golf courses, and strip malls, each a casualty of a very peculiar notion of progress and never again to nourish the growing body and expanding mind of a young child again. These memories inspire me to interrogate the origins and consequences of the deep, pervasive disconnection that seems to affect so many people, a disconnection that not only impacts our relationship with the more-than-human world but also our relationships with each other and, ultimately, with ourselves.

These days I live in the Green Mountain state of Vermont, near the shores of Lake Champlain where the above photograph was taken. I teach part-time at the University of Vermont, and am beginning to offer some of my courses online and independently from the university. I also offer personalized coaching and mentoring programs for individuals and small groups that focus on place-based subsistence skills, voluntary simplicity and minimalism, and adaptation to environmental and political change. I give talks on occasion, and sometimes take on consulting projects when they pique my interest. If you want to learn more about my professional credentials and recent work, peruse my CV.

I turn to independent media production as my primary creative outlet. I will release the first episode of my new podcast, Embracing Apocalypse, on the upcoming autumnal equinox. I also post the occasional video to my YouTube Channel, and share some of my writing on Medium. You can access PDF and audio versions of my essays by becoming one of my patrons on Patreon, as well as other premium content.

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