Some of my richest and most transformative learning experiences emerged from one-on-one or small-group relationships. To that end I offer personalized mentoring programs in several different areas. I am open to working both in-person, and remotely. I offer these programs on a sliding scale to keep them as accessible as possible, and barter can be a workable form of compensation.

First, I relish helping folks explore place-based subsistence skills. These can include learning to sustainably gather wild edible or medicinal plants and fungi, learning and harvesting plants for fiber, and also learning to hunt or fish. Programs can also focus on crafting tools for these undertakings, including hunting bows, fishing rods, and digging and throwing sticks, among other things. These mentoring programs must necessarily be done in person, so are limited to folks who wish to meet in northwest and central Vermont.

Another area of interest is voluntary simplicity, which I have been exploring for nearly two decades. People pursue simplicity for many reasons, among them to reduce expenses, reduce environmental impacts, increase their mobility, enhance their spiritual practice, maximize the value they receive from their possessions, or just to clean house. While there are many books on this subject, there is no substitute for having someone you can bounce ideas off of and who can hold you to the standards you set.

A third realm of mentoring I offer is for those who wish to build a more nourishing and resilient sense of identity. This can take the form of helping you investigate your ancestry, envision your descendants, or connect more deeply to the landscape in which you live. While this is not the primary goal, these explorations often help people better negotiate the shifting landscape of identity politics.

If any of these areas pique your curiosity, reach out to me. Our first step will be to talk (by video conference, phone, or in person) to see if we are a good fit. The next steps will be to agree on compensation, set goals, craft a timeline and pedagogical approach, and then get to work. The privacy and confidentiality my mentoring programs offer allow you the freedom to make mistakes without fear of being judged or criticized. If you have long wanted to jump-start your learning in an area, these offerings might be just what you are looking for.