HCP #59: Compassion, Connection, and Effective Anti-Racist Communication, with Dr. David Campt

Dr. David Campt is a speaker and media analyst who founded and facilitates workshops on his White Ally Toolkit. He is also an author, and wrote the Compassionate Warrior Bootcamp for White Allies, among other books. He talks with Eric about the limitations of the privilege framework in anti-racism dialog, how focusing on terminology can undermine our ability to effectively communicate, and his RACE method for anti-racist engagement, among other things.

HCP #53: Talking to Children About Race and Racism, with Emma Redden

Emma Redden is a preschool teacher in Vermont with a background in race, gender, and justice. She wrote the book Power Means Who The Police Believe: Talking With Young Children About Race and Racial Violence. She talks with Eric about the inspirations behind her book, the intricacies of addressing challenging topics with young children, and about fear, among other things.