For many, the word apocalypse brings to mind social or environmental breakdown, collapse, or destruction on a grand scale. The word comes to us from the ancient Greeks, formed of the roots apo, which meant ‘un-‘, and kaluptein, which meant ‘to cover’. Unlike our modern use of apocalypse, apokaluptein did not invoke the notion of collapse or breakdown. Rather, it meant to uncover, to disclose, or to reveal.

The times we live in reveal many truths for those attentive enough to see them. Some of these truths portend significant changes in our lives and our social arrangements. If we embrace these truths rather than deny them, they might also give us clues on how best to adapt to the changing world we live in and to whatever new world awaits once the proverbial dust settles. Embracing Apocalypse will invite listeners to engage with and to embrace the many truths being revealed by our tumultuous times. Expect the first episode of this podcast to be released on December 21, 2019 (the winter solstice). Sign up for my newsletter below if you want more info, and become a patron on Patreon to get a sneak peak! You can also contribute through PayPal if you want to pitch in without creating a Patreon account, though you will not get any of the rewards.

From October 2018 through August of 2019 I released episodes of Healing Culture Podcast. These episodes are still available on most podcatchers, and you can also listen to them here by following the link above. I will no longer be releasing new episodes of this podcast. My first podcast, A Worldview Apart, is no longer publicly available. Only Patreon patrons have access to those episodes.