HCP #62: Prayer, Grief, and Connecting with Ancestors, with Nala Walla

Nala Walla weaves a holistic approach to wellness as a practitioner of ancestral healing, grief recovery, nutritional therapy, and permaculture design. She talks with Eric about prayer as a connective versus coercive tool, the importance of doing ancestor work, prayer and grieving as a skill, awakening our indigeneity, and wellness practices she recommends, among other things.

HCP #61: Grief, Gratitude, and Extinction, with Carolyn Baker

Carolyn Baker is a former psychotherapist and professor of psychology and history. She is also an author, and her most recent book, with Andrew Harvey, is Saving Animals From Ourselves: Healing the Divine Animal Within. She talks with Eric about our connection to animals, how our deep-seated shame estranges us from the animal kingdom, coming to grips with extinction, and finding meaning in troubling times, among other things.

HCP #58: The Health Impacts of Trauma, with Jason Prall

Jason Prall is a speaker, health educator, and practitioner who produced, with others, the 9-part documentary series The Human Longevity Project. He talks with Eric about the impact trauma can have on our personal health and wellness, the importance of differentiating our behavioral patterns from our sense of self, and the value of indigenous wisdom, among other things.

HCP #54: Healing Culture in the Traumacene

In this solo episode Eric reflects on Jem Bendell’s essay Deep Adaptation and how many of our social and environmental predicaments are rooted in the trauma that our cultural body has accumulated. He talks about our stress response and how it gives rise to trauma, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s 6 stages of grief, and why modern activism should center the healing of trauma.

HCP #47: Healing Bodies and Healing Cultures, with Tada Hozumi

Tada Hozumi coaches and consults on the practice of cultural somatics, wrote the viral essay Why White People Can’t Dance: Because They Are Traumatized, and manages the website Selfish Activist. They talk with Eric about cultural somatics, ancestral trauma and how it is passed down through generations, and the need for white activists to prioritize regulating their nervous systems, among other things.