HCP #6: On Cancer and Control, with Brooke Moen

Brooke Moen practices acupuncture, clinical herbalism, food as medicine, and Chinese Cosmology. She talks with Eric about her cancer diagnosis, her reflections about what she did wrong, learning to relinquish control, individualism as pathology, the role that loneliness plays in our health & wellness, and becoming aware of our inherent aggression, among many other things.

HCP #5: Building Our Inner Foundation, with Ricardo Sierra

Ricardo Sierra runs a wilderness kids camp called Hawk Circle in Upstate New York, and began his journey into wilderness skills at Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker School in 1984. He talks with Eric about the high levels of anxiety that children face and where that comes from, why wilderness skills appeal to some children, and how we build a solid inner foundation, among other things.

HCP #4: Connecting to Our Sexual Selves, with Leonore Tjia

Leonore Tjia is a feminist sexuality educator who helps people create more presence, play, pleasure and power in the bedroom and beyond. She talks with Eric about learning to feel, handling shame, the power that empathy and intimacy can offer us in and out of the bedroom, and our need, as a society, to move towards a cultural celebration of pleasure, among other things.

HCP #3: On Our Need for a Cultural Rite of Passage, with Starhawk

Starhawk is an activist, teacher, and author, and is best known for her books Dreaming the Dark and The Fifth Sacred Thing. She talks with Eric about initiation and rites of passage, the need to see the world as a web of relationships in order to heal it, the need to open our minds to multiple ways of knowing, and why animism, as a worldview, was so threatening to some European lineages, among other things.

HCP #2: Making Peace with Our Heritage, with Lyla June

Lyla June is a DinĂ© singer, writer, and activist who co-founded The Taos Peace and Reconciliation Council. She talks with Eric about the traumatic roots of the settler colonial paradigm, how our guiding stories and sense of self are necessarily rooted in homeland, how delicate and brittle American society has become without a place-based identity, among other things.

HCP #1: On Culture, Ancestry, and Elderhood, with Stephen Jenkinson

Stephen Jenkinson is an author, teacher, storyteller, spiritual activist, farmer, and founder of the Orphan Wisdom School. He and Eric talk about culture and ancestry, the differences between entitlement and privilege, the risks of learning, the value of ambivalence, and elderhood, among other things.