I am an educator at heart, and have taught at various public and private colleges and universities since receiving my PhD in 2011. For years I have enjoyed excellent teaching evaluations, and now offer some of my classes through this website and on a sliding scale to make them accessible to the general public. You can learn more about my upcoming offerings below. Contact me if you have any questions.

The Real Cost of Food: Food production requires a range of inputs and creates a range of waste outputs and impacts. Most of these are invisible to consumers, since most people are not intimately involved in food production, processing, disposal or often even preparation anymore. This course will explore the real costs of food to workers, producers, consumers, and to the more-than-human world. The goal of the course is to teach the value of seeing the food system and the products it delivers in a multifaceted way, rather than judging based solely on one or just a few outcomes or impacts. This course will be my first online offering through this website and independent from any college or university. Click on the link above to learn more.

CDAE 195/295 – Local and Regional Food Systems: Relocalizing food production and distribution offers a range of benefits and risks. This course offers participants an opportunity to investigate these, while focusing particularly on the development of local and regional food systems. The course explores first what is meant by the term ‘local food’, and contrasts the benefits and risks associated with local food with those of regional and global food systems. The class utilizes a wide array of interdisciplinary readings, audio and video media, guest speakers and possibly one or more field trips. This is a traditional college course offered through the University of Vermont. The link takes you to the registrar’s page.