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HCP #62: Prayer, Grief, and Connecting with Ancestors, with Nala Walla

Nala Walla weaves a holistic approach to wellness as a practitioner of ancestral healing, grief recovery, nutritional therapy, and permaculture design. She talks with Eric about prayer as a connective versus coercive tool, the importance of doing ancestor work, prayer and grieving as a skill, awakening our indigeneity, and wellness practices she recommends, among other things.

3 replies on “HCP #62: Prayer, Grief, and Connecting with Ancestors, with Nala Walla”

Yes yes YES, Nala Wala! You tapped into so many facets of what it means to be living on this planet at this time. I thank you for this inspiration and call to live well, with intention, and in authentic connection to our blood, bones, grief, gratitude, and ancestral roots. You are a permissionary for many in honoring the blessings of body and place and our rights and duty to thriving in wellness.

Ah yes, Lea! Each of us is born with the pathways to connect to our deeper ancestral wisdom, via our blood and bones. It is our birthright, and our responsibility, to fully inhabit the blessings of the bodies and the lands we call home.

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