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Grief, Gratitude, and Extinction, with Carolyn Baker

Grief, Gratitude, and Extinction, with Carolyn Baker

Carolyn Baker is a former psychotherapist and professor of psychology and history. She is also an author, and her most recent book, with Andrew Harvey, is Saving Animals From Ourselves: Healing the Divine Animal Within. She talks with Eric about our connection to animals, how our deep-seated shame estranges us from the animal kingdom, coming to grips with extinction, and finding meaning in troubling times, among other things.

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Dear Eric,
A wonderful interview with Carolyn. I had no idea that a faculty person in Vermont is connected with her. FYI I have received her Daily for many years. Also, several years ago she held a grieving weekend in R.I. and I was the only one from Vermont who attended. I would love it if we had some kind of Vermont gathering of those who understand we are headed to extinction. Personally I am very depressed and grieve a lot. But I am also grateful to live on 140 wonderful acres in the town of Washington.
I am short on money at the present time but will make a donation towards the end of the month.

Thanks for the kind words George. There are a few of us talking about these things here in Vermont, but just a few, I suspect. No one else at UVM seems interested.

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