Education in a Time of Climate Crisis

This is a conversation between Eric Garza, host of the Embracing Apocalypse podcast, and Pina Haas. Pina is a bachelor student of Liberal Arts and Sciences at University College Utrecht. She is majoring in Political Sciences and Literature and currently writing her bachelor thesis on the theme of “education for crises”. She is interested in exploring the question of how educational institutions, especially universities, would need to transform in order to facilitate the social, political and cultural transformation needed to adapt to the climate crisis. Close to the values and aims of the Deep Adaptation Community,  Pina believes that deeper emotional and social transformation needs to be facilitated in schools and universities in order to equip young people with the tools to navigate uncertain futures. You can access transcripts this conversation, a detailed episode outline, and a list of links and resources drawn from it when you become one of Eric’s patrons on Patreon.

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