Finding Sanctuary in Apocalypse, with Nala Walla

Nala Walla weaves a holistic approach to wellness as a practitioner of ancestral healing, grief recovery, nutritional therapy, and permaculture design. She talks with Eric about creating space for both joy and grief, how embodiment can help us navigate the apocalypse, sanctuary as a state of somatic embodiment, and the importance of slowing down, among other things. Listeners can find transcripts, show notes, and other associated premium content on Patreon.

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  1. Beverly E Naidus

    Loved hearing Nala’s wisdom in this podcast. As activist artist who has worked with despair, grief & gratitude for most of my 40+ year career, I sit within a paradox. My work invites others to feel and tell their stories in order to become activists, but I hide in my own busy-ness to avoid painful feelings. I did one workshop with the amazing, late Sobonfu Some, but it is time for me to do more. Nala may see me at one of her grief rituals once the virus moves on. Thanks, Eric for all these rich podcasts that have caused me to reflect deeply while I walk, garden, and process through my art.

    1. Eric Garza

      Glad you enjoyed this episode, and others. I live on the opposite side of the continent from Nala, but also hope to attend one of her gatherings at some point. It would be an honor to meet her in person!

  2. Julie

    Hospice the Over-Culture! Honing the grief muscle! And you always said Kimi that the end of hunter-gatherering was the beginning of the end. Such awesome stuff Nala and Eric.

  3. Connie Segal

    So good to hear you speak Nala. I am always impressed when you share your years of cultivated wisdom and your calling. So appropriate for these times. Thank you.

  4. Lea Falkenhagen

    Thank you Eric and Nala! This is spot on, beautifully articulated, and SO timely! Thank you for sharing this medicine.

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