Food, Energy, And The Evolution Of The Human Species

Why do we eat what we eat? Why don’t we eat what we don’t eat? There are many ways to approach these questions, but from an evolutionary perspective an important answer involves the bioavailable energy we can derive from different foods given our digestive system and physiology. In this episode of A Worldview Apart I explore the energetic roots of the evolutionary process, particularly in…

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An Introduction To Food Paradigms

Worldviews encompass the whole of how we make sense of the world. Worldviews are made up of many paradigms, one of which focuses on our relationship to food. This week I explore food paradigms, the set of models and values that inform our understanding of what we should eat, how we should eat it, and how that food is produced, among other things. I look at how…

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A Closer Look At Worldviews

In this first episode of A Worldview Apart, I explore the namesake of this podcast: worldviews. Our worldviews encapsulate how we make sense of the world and our place in it. They carry the mental models and the values we use to engage with the world and to make decisions on a day-to-day basis. They also constrain us. They constrain how we think about challenges, about problems,…

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