Essays & Other Writings

I am accused, on occasion, of being thoughtful and creative. I try to allow these qualities to shine through when I write. Below you will find links to some of my writings, including essays hosted here as well as work hosted elsewhere on the web. Since I make much of my writing freely available, I gratefully accept financial support from those willing to offer it. Most folks contribute through Patreon, and as a reward for their support my patrons receive early access to new essays and they can download them as nicely formatted PDFs for easier reading. If you want to know what I am working on or thinking about, sign up for my monthly newsletter at the bottom of this page.


Awakening to the Traumacene (14 minute read; Download PDF)

This essay presents the thesis that many social and environmental problems we face today owe their origins to trauma. Some of this trauma stems from events and experiences in peoples lives, and some of it has been inherited from earlier generations through changes in gene expression caused by stress. Healing this trauma represents the heart and soul of activism in our era.

Other Written Work