Episode 30: Adenrele Adewusi on Taking Personal Finance Seriously

Adenrele (Addy) Adewusi is an eCommerce manager who graduated from Dartmouth College with a background in mathematics and visual art. Among many other entrepreneurial ventures she runs the website Maddy Money. We talk about her approach to personal finance, paying off student loans, and the ethics of entitlement, among other things.

Episode Outline

  • The origins of Addy’s blog, Maddy Money, and
  • Addy’s approach to paying off nearly $27,000 in student loan debt in less than a year
  • Reflecting on how much an hour of our time is worth
  • Entitlement, our sense of what we were ‘deserve’, and delayed gratification
  • Making strategic decisions about what side hustles to invest in
  • Leveraging our primary job so that the skills we develop and the work we do benefit both those we work for as well as us
  • Building a community around personal finance and having that community not made up of the people you thought
  • The importance of keeping track of how we spend our time and money, and what returns we get on those investments
  • Money isn’t evil, the more we have of it the more we can affect the world

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