Episode 29: Guido Masé on Better Living Through Phytochemistry

Guido Masé is an author, runner, father and herbalist who teaches through the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism and is the chief Herbalist at Urban Moonshine. In this episode Guido and Eric talk about the importance of building strong relationships to the plants that live around us and of increasing our dietary diversity.

Episode Outline

  • What compelled Guido to pursue herbalism as a profession
  • The coming together of a scientific and mytho-poetic understanding of plants in modern herbalism
  • Plant biochemistry and how it differs not only among plant species but also from one individual to the next within a species
  • How plant biochemistry interacts with our genome to create our phenotype
  • How systems thinking is echoed in energetic approaches to herbal medicine
  • The importance of botanical diversity in our diets and life, and the importance of phytochemical density in the plants we eat
  • Engaging with the ‘wall of green’ to increase our dietary diversity
  • Engaging with heirloom varieties and gardening practices to increase the phytochemical density of plants we eat
  • Eric’s experience eating poison ivy
  • How cultivating relationships with plants changes our relationships to wild and semi-wild places
  • Some plants have very long, coevolutionary relationships with human beings
  • The need to develop relationships with plant allies that live close to us

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