Episode 27: Diana Rodgers on Using Nutrition to Overcome Chronic Illness

Diana RodgersDiana Rodgers is a Registered Dietitian and a Nutrional Therapy Practitioner who’s written a couple cookbooks that cater to Paleo Dieters and is putting together a documentary film tentatively titled Kale vs Cow. We talk about her path to the Paleo Diet, her experiences helping patients with nutrition, and her vision of the future of food and health in the US.

Episode Outline

  • The difference between being a nutritional therapy practitioner and a registered dietitian
  • Costs and benefits of regulating who can offer medical and nutritional advice
  • The power of a holistic approach to diet when working with chronic conditions
  • How patients, other RDs, and doctors react when they see chronic conditions cured with nutrition
  • Diana’s path to the Paleo Diet and why dietary needs are necessarily individual
  • A whole food nutritionist’s take on the politics that drives the USDA dietary recommendations
  • Diana’s vision of the future of food and health in the United States
  • Taking a critical look at the life-cycle impacts of various food production methods, particularly synthetic meat

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