Episode 25: Beth Lambert on Documenting Hope in a Compromised Generation

Beth Lambert is the Executive Director of Epidemic Answers and the creator and producer of the Documenting Hope Project. In this episode we talk about what motivated her to write her book A Compromised Generation, the many factors that contribute to chronic disease in children, and how her Documenting Hope Project seeks to empower parents to heal their sick kids.

Episode Outline

  • Beth’s motivation for writing A Compromised Generation
  • More than half of American children have a diagnosed chronic health condition
  • The many environmental factors that can contribute to poor health in children
  • The implications of living in a society that professionalizes health
  • The need of people to take responsibility for their health
  • What the Documenting Hope Project is, and how it can support parents who want to take more control over their children’s health
  • The tension between physicians and their patients who are taking more control of their treatment
  • Examples of things parents can do to heal their children who have diagnoses of chronic illness
  • How important it is to look deeper to understand chronic conditions in children

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