Episode 24: Miwa Oseki Robbins and Murphy Robinson on Their Tiny House Journeys

Miwa Oseki Robbins is a builder, blogger, and artist who has a fascination with tiny houses. Murphy Robinson teaches wilderness skills, archery, and hunting and lives in a tiny house that she built. We talk about the ins and outs of living in a tiny house, their connection to people’s identity, and their future in the USA.

Episode Outline

  • People are attracted to tiny houses for many different reasons
  • Ways to build and live in a tiny house that ameliorate indoor air quality issues
  • Size threshold that separates a Tiny House from a small regular house
  • How living in a Tiny House forces occupants to prioritize possessions
  • How Tiny House living coaxes occupants to be creative when having guests
  • Values that draw people to Tiny House living
  • Different land tenure situations that Tiny House owners find themselves in
  • The importance of integrating into your local community as a Tiny House owner
  • Are Tiny Houses a ‘white’ thing?
  • Tiny Houses as multi-functional spaces
  • How houses connect to people’s identities and reveal people’s priorities
  • The future of Tiny Houses, and how they will ‘fit’ into regulatory structures
  • The feeling of empowerment people enjoy from building their Tiny Houses

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