Episode 18: Starhawk on Our Need for a Collective Rite of Passage

Starhawk is a giant in the realm of activism and spirituality, and is perhaps best known for her books exploring ecofeminist theory and neopaganism, among them Dreaming the Dark and The Fifth Sacred Thing. She offers Earth Activist Trainings across North America and beyond, which combine elements of permaculture with Earth-based spirituality and activism.

Episode Outline

  • Initiation and rites of passage, and their role in traditional societies to support life transitions
  • How some people accept the myth of progress, and struggle with limitations and, ultimately, death
  • The need to view the world as a web of relationships in order to heal and regenerate it
  • The need to open our minds to multiple ways of knowing
  • The squelching of animism in European history
  • Why animism was so threatening to some European lineages
  • European colonialism and the institution of slavery as an expression of historical European trauma
  • Connecting to our heritage of strength and resilience
  • Connecting to our ancient Earth connection in a world graced with advanced technology
  • Seeing our need to change behavior as a cultural rite of passage

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