In May of 2017 I started my first podcast. I titled it A Worldview Apart, and was inspired to produce it because, from my perspective, I saw an obvious need for people to think more critically about their worldviews. The podcast was broad in its scope, attracting a good variety of guests and listeners. That was great! The broad scope made it hard for the project to keep my interest though, and in August of 2018 I ended the podcast at episode 99.

My interest in podcasting as a medium of creative self-expression and as a medium of education remained strong though, and I started plotting my re-entry. Fast forward to today, October 10 of 2018, when I have officially released the first episode of my new, more focused podcast: the Healing Culture Podcast. Sure, the topic of worldviews will come up. But the focus will start and remain on questions like: How do we heal Western culture so it allows us to better live within the limits of our place? and What changes must we make in Western culture so it affords us the space and tools to heal as individuals?

I also decided to start a written blog in addition to the new podcast, and am in the process of starting a YouTube channel as well. More info on that last media foray will be forthcoming.