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The Addictive Origins of Agriculture

In this episode of A Worldview Apart, I explore the origins of one of the fundamental practices underlying modern civilization: agriculture. In particular I investigate a controversial theory that states that ancient people’s adoption of agriculture, including the cultivation of cereal grains and the herding of mammals for meat and milk, was driven by the pursuit of opioid chemicals found in cereal grains and milk. Episode…

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Epic Empowerment and the Art of Sharing Skills

Epic Skill Swap is a participatory weekend festival aimed at, among other things, building community and sharing skills. In this episode of A Worldview Apart I interview Meghan Kallman and Jamie Pahigian, two long-time organizers of the event about how the event started, where it’s going and a range of other topics. Episode Outline What is Epic Skill Swap? Introducing Meghan Kallman and Jamie Pahigian…

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The Benefits and Costs of Agriculture

Without question, agriculture, as a food procurement strategy, allows us to derive far more calories from a given piece of land than does foraging or hunting. Is this benefit worth the costs though? In this episode of A Worldview Apart I explore some of the drawbacks of agriculture, focusing particularly on those that relate to human health. I talk about evidence of physical degeneration seen in relatively…

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